My toolbar is missing in Outlook! How do I get it back?

My toolbar is missing in Outlook! How do I get it back?

There are a few possible reasons why your TimeTrade Outlook Connector toolbar may be missing from Outlook. Check to see if any of the following possibilities may be the cause:

•  Multiple Outlook Windows are open:

Verify that you do not have multiple Outlook windows opened. The Outlook Connector toolbar only appears in the first Outlook window you open. Check the Windows task bar or the Applications tab in Windows Task Manager for more than one Outlook icon.

•  The Toolbar may be hidden (Outlook 2007):

To verify, right-click within the toolbar area. If you see TimeTrade Outlook Connector in the list without a check mark, select it to make it reappear as shown below.


•  The Toolbar may have become disabled:

If a problem occurs within Outlook, it will automatically disable one or more Outlook add-ins. To see if the Outlook Connector has been disabled, follow the steps below:

       → From Outlook 2013:

    • From Outlook, select File in the upper left corner of the window
    • Click on Info


    • Choose Manage Slow and Disabled Add-Ins from the bottom of the list
    • Click on Always enable this add-in, then close the window


  •  If the TimeTrade Connector toolbar does not reappear, close Outlook and restart.


→ From Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016:

•  From Outlook, select File in upper left corner of window

•  Click on Options


•  Click the listing for Add-ins

•  From the window that appears, you will see Manage in the lower left corner

•  From the Manage pull down, select the listing for Disabled Items

•  Click the Go button

•  A small window appears listing currently disabled add-ins.

              If the TimeTrade Toolbar Connector add-in appears in the list, select the add-in and click the Enable button.

•  Close the window

•  If the toolbar does not appear, exit from Outlook and restart.

→ From Outlook 2007:

From the Outlook Help menu, select the listing Disabled Items as shown below:


In the list of disabled items, if the TimeTrade Outlook Connector is listed, select the item and click enable. Then click OK, close the window and restart Outlook.


•  Reinstall the connector:

If it is determined none of the above possibilities apply, you should reinstall the connector.

To reinstall, click on the link below for procedures to be followed:

Reinstall Outlook Connector

If none of the above possibilities result in the reappearance of the Outlook Connector toolbar, click here to submit a support request for assistance.

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